Honeysuckle Bridge Cabin wouldn’t be the beauty she is without the help of some seriously talented people that worked with us:
Isaac O’Bryan (Owensboro) took our vision and put it in the form of this beautiful yet functional plan.  It all started with him.
Aaron Ferguson (Campton), our meticulous builder, who saw our vision from the first day we met with him.  He was pushed to get our cabin ready for rental even when COVID-impacted supply chains delayed us for at least 3 months.  We admire his skill, his honesty and look forward to his building another cabin for us in the future.
Julie Durbin (Owensboro) who helped me with design from lighting, paint colors, cabinet knobs and furniture.  It is always fun shopping with Julie and she knows her stuff!  Thank you for keeping me sane during this process!
Shae Dean (Lexington) the realtor who got us started down this road.  He showed us countless properties and was instrumental in helping us identify this beautiful parcel.
Lucas Wiman Photo (Lexington) for his design ideas, his fantastic photos and his creativity with our social media and web design.  
Other businesses and individuals who supplied goods or made beautiful items for Honeysuckle Bridge Cabin:
Murphy Appliance Co. (Owensboro)
Mudd’s Furniture (Owensboro)
Lighting Solutions Design Gallery (Owensboro)
Susan Knapp (Centertown)
Marty Clouse (Owensboro)
Amy Burgan (Owensboro)
Rough River Metal Works (Owensboro)
John Payne (Owensboro)